Keith Brown, Superintendent of Schools
Marilyn Tennill, School Board Member

Helping Kids and Classrooms

Taylor's Educational Enrichment Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that provides funding and support for unique academic opportunities.

Through classroom grants, our foundation helps teachers create stimulating lessons and experiences beyond the basic educational requirements.

Grants help teachers acquire new teaching materials, upgrade technology and invest in equipment for students.

Community Driven Support

The TEE Foundation is comprised of community volunteers who share a common belief that strong public education is essential to the quality of life and well being of our community.

“Everyone in the community wins when we have an outstanding school system…”

Phil Jacobson, Gemini’s V.P. of Human Resources

​Mark Schroeder, President
Kaitlin Olle, VP Finance
Karen Farley, VP Programs
Thomas Martinez , VP Development
Melanie Thompson, Secretary

Melissa Sanchez, Co VP Marketing

Liz O’Dell, Co VP Marketing
Martha Moppy Miller, Executive Director
Ernest Alderete
Renee Boles
Amy Briggs

Jeannie Hill
Christy Hortenstine

Jean Johnson
Ed Komandosky
Steven Kovar
Barbara Leschber
Gloria Morales
John Nelson
Stephanie Spells